Upcoming Podcast Interviews: Conditionalist Authors

It will not be long before the launch of the Rethinking Hell podcast, and I am excited and honored to host several upcoming episodes interviewing conditionalist/annihilationist authors of recent books.

Hell: A Final Word

Edward Fudge, author of The Fire That Consumes, 3rd edition (Cascade Books, 2011), has recently published a popular-level book, Hell: A Final Word (ACU Press, 2012). Since Fudge has been so influential within the annihilationist movement, and was personally so instrumental in my ‘conversion’ to what I now believe is the biblical view of final punishment, I will kick the podcast off interviewing him first to discuss both his latest book and the upcoming feature film telling his story, “Hell and Mr. Fudge.” I originally interviewed him on the Theopologetics podcast back in August of 2011, and as a result of preparing for and conducting that interview I moved to the fence between annihilationism and the traditional view of hell.

The Lie of Hell

Roger Harper was recently on the Unbelievable? radio show with Justin Brierley on Premier Christian Radio UK discussing the topic of immortality with skeptic Stephen Cave. In that discussion Harper briefly articulated the conditionalist/annihilationist position concerning final punishment, which he discusses at length in his recent book, The Lie of Hell. When I reached out to him asking if he would be interested in letting me interview him for the Rethinking Hell podcast, he graciously (and enthusiastically, it seemed to me!) agreed. He also expressed interest in my recent formal debate and volunteered to submit a question for my opponent to answer during the Q&A period with the public.

The Lie of Hell

David Instone-Brewer was also recently on Unbelievable?—in his case opposite Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries discussing the question, “Was Jesus a Calvinist?” (Being Reformed, I disagree with Dr. Instone-Brewer’s answer to that question.) In his recent book, The Jesus Scandals (Ladder Media, 2012), he discusses a variety of so-called scandals in Jesus’ life, among his friends, and in his teaching; and in one chapter he argues that Jesus taught conditionalism/annihilationism, which came up very briefly in the discussion on Unbelievable?. After that episode I emailed Dr. Instone-Brewer and we had a fruitful email exchange, iron sharpening iron, and he accepted my invitation to be interviewed on the new podcast.

Stay tuned for these first exciting episodes of the Rethinking Hell podcast!

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5 Responses to Upcoming Podcast Interviews: Conditionalist Authors

  1. I saw the flick here a couple of weeks ago and even if one doesn’t agree with Edward’s conclusions on the topic of hell, you will still find at the film’s heart a wonderful story of a fellow believer’s enlightening journey, his struggle with a cherished tradition and proof of the Father’s unrelenting grace.

    Looking forward to hear Edward speak on it again.

    • Chris Date says:

      I can’t wait to see it. I really hope it makes its way to a theater near me, here in the Puget Sound. Edward tentatively has July 6th as the date of our interview for the first-ever Rethinking Hell podcast :)

  2. Dan Holmes says:

    I’m looking forward to these podcasts. And I also had no idea Instone-Brewer was conditionalist.

  3. Miles Andrews says:

    Chris, I wonder if you’re also familiar with a book I just recently found on Amazon called “Hell: A Hard Look at a Hard Question: The Fate of the Unrighteous in New Testament Thought” by David Powys (link: http://www.amazon.com/Hell-Unrighteous-Paternoster-Theological-Monographs/dp/085364831X/). He argues that “the unrighteous will forfeit resurrection life in the Kingdom of God.” I’m not sure if Fudge mentioned this work in his 3rd ed. of TFTC; if so, then I don’t recall it. Perhaps you could try and get an interview with Powys for the RH podcast?

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