Episode 8: A Message to Traditionalists from Glenn Peoples

Dr. Glenn Peoples joins fellow RethinkingHell.com contributor Chris Date to discuss his open letter to traditionalists, and some of the reasons traditionalists are losing the battle over the doctrine of hell.

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  • Private

    Thank you so much Glenn and Chris and everyone involved. We really appreciate your work.

    • Chris Date

      Thank you as well! It’s very encouraging!

  • MikeOwens

    These Podcasts are great Chris. I’ve listened to each one and going around for a 2nd listen. Seems that the crack in this dam which has been holding back the gathered Biblical support for conditionalism is getting much bigger. After “Hell and Mr. Fudge” gets out there by theater or DVD – the interest is going to explode. – - God is using you, Edward Fudge, Glenn Peoples, Dr. Stackhouse, and others to inform the many confused who will be seeking the truth about this important subject. – - – KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    • Chris Date

      Thanks so much!!!

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  • LCE

    I stumbled across Glenn Peoples’ pdf file for his ‘case for annihilationism’ online and after having read it and researched the topic, I have effectively changed my view to annihilationism after spending about 14 years as a traditionalist. Thank you so much for the information!

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