Episode 23: Response to Matt Waymeyer (Part 3)

In the 2012 Shepherd’s Conference, an annual event sponsored by John MacArthur’s Master’s Seminary, faculty member  Dr. Matt Waymeyer delivered a lecture critical of Annihilationism, entitled Hell Under Fire. This episode of Rethinking Hell is the third and final installment of our response to Matt’s lecture, featuring co-hosts Daniel Sinclair and Chris Date.


Intrinsic Value, Sanctity of Life, and Capital Punishment: A Response to J. P. Moreland

1998 marked the publication of journalist and legal editor Lee Strobel’s popular-level apologetic work, The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus. Two years later he went on to publish The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity, which details his quest for answers to several issues that had still nagged at him even after having published his previous book. Among other questions, Strobel asked, “If God cares about the people he created, how could he consign so many of them to an eternity of torture in hell just because they didn’t believe the right things about him?”1
In his search for an answer to this objection Strobel turned to notable philosopher and theologian, Dr. James P. Moreland. Perhaps unsurprisingly the topic of annihilationism came up and, in answering Strobel’s questions, Moreland argued not only that the traditional view of hell is more consistent with the text of Scripture than annihilationism but that it is in fact morally superior to it. In so doing, however, he appears to have forgotten what a co-author and he had written a decade earlier concerning the ethics of capital punishment.
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Got Questions? Our Answers Are (More) Biblical

As its mission Got Questions Ministries [http://www.gotquestions.org] “seeks to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by providing biblical, applicable, and timely answers to spiritually related questions through an internet presence.”1 By and large they succeed in that mission. I have turned to their website many times since becoming a Christian for help answering my questions, and I don’t hestitate to recommend it as a reliable resource.
However, as is the case with any human endeavor, sometimes Got Questions Ministries (GQM) gets it wrong. Their article, “Is annihilationism biblical?”2 ranks as one of the top search results for the keyword “annihilationism,” but the answers they provide to that subject fall short and we here at Rethinking Hell desire to provide answers that we think are more biblical.
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