Featured Content: Chris Date Interviews Larry Dixon on Hell

Back in 2011, when Rethinking Hell was just a verb, our own Chris Date, on his Theopologetics podcast, conducted a respectful but very hard-hitting interview with Dr. Larry Dixon on the subject of hell. Dr. Dixon is professor of systematic theology at Columbia International University, and the author of The Other Side of the Good News.

My own editorial comments: It was a pretty huge deal! Dr. Dixon and his written defense of traditionalism are well-respected and oft-quoted in the debate on hell, and Chris while irenic and fair proved to be quite a challenge to Dr. Dixon’s arguments for the traditional doctrine. Not bad for someone who was still early in the process of rethinking hell at the time! I recommend that traditionalists and conditionalists alike listen to the interview, and we would love to know what you think of this exchange.

“Episode 62: The Other Side,” Theopologetics [podcast], hosted by Chris Date, October 20, 2011, http://www.theopologetics.com/2011/10/20/episode-62-the-other-side/ (accessed May 27, 2013).

“Episode 63: Lake of Fire,” Theopologetics [podcast], hosted by Chris Date, October 21, 2011, http://www.theopologetics.com/2011/10/21/episode-63-lake-of-fire/ (accessed May 27, 2013).

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  • paladin

    If you’re going to take the Great Divorce as Lewis’ “final word” on the subject, then you’d best take the ending of the book more seriously — Lewis penned his muse reminding him not to take the images in the dream too seriously. I do admit that Lewis was engaging in a kind of universalism in that book (look who his muse was!), but even in that book he didn’t seem to take it very seriously — and don’t forget that in the same book he also seemed to take a kind of progressive annihilationism briefly.

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