Rethinking Hell 2014 Conference Announcement!

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Tipping point. Critical mass. Paradigm shift. Whatever expression you prefer, we believe that a time is coming very soon when conditionalism will explode onto the evangelical consciousness and become a well-known, if not dominant understanding of immortality and final judgment among evangelical Christians. And we feel certain that, if conditionalism finally gets a fair hearing among those people who base their convictions on clear thinking from the Word of God, traditionalism and universalism don’t have a snowball’s chance in Rethinking Hell.
Given the momentum that continues to build for this view, we believe that we are at a kairos point in time, that most opportune moment when something special is about to happen, and so we are ready to build upon the work that has already been done by those who came before us and look to the work that lies ahead for our and future generations of conditionalists to do. Continue reading “Rethinking Hell 2014 Conference Announcement!”

Rethinking Hell Book Announcement!


We’ve hinted at it here and there, but we had to keep it on the down low. Now that contracts have been signed and accepted, we are excited to be able to officially announce the upcoming publication of our very first book, Rethinking Hell: Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism! (Cover design in image at left is indicative only.) Wipf & Stock (W&S), the publishers of the 3rd edition of Edward Fudge’s The Fire That Consumes, has agreed to publish our book as well, very likely in time for our upcoming conference in July, 2014. Continue reading “Rethinking Hell Book Announcement!”

Why The Modern Version of the Eternal Torment Doctrine Falls Short

One common view among traditionalists today, including among some of the biggest names in evangelical Christianity, is that hell is a place of eternal conscious punishment, but not a place of literal fire. Such a view was represented by William Crockett in Four Views on Hell, where it was referred to as the “metaphorical view.”1 We will be using the description “the metaphorical view” throughout this article.2
Now, not everyone holds this view, and so my primary point may not apply to your view of hell. That said, you may still get something out of it if you do choose to read on, and so I certainly invite you to do so.
Continue reading “Why The Modern Version of the Eternal Torment Doctrine Falls Short”

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