Episode 48: Rethinking Hell Down Under with Ralph Bowles

In Episode 48, we hear from Ralph Bowles. Ralph is involved in the work of the Anglican Church in Brisbane, Australia. He is also the author of “Does Revelation 14:11 Teach Eternal Torment? Examining a Proof-Text on Hell,” which appeared in the Journal Evangelical Quarterly back in 2001.


Glenn Peoples Hermeneutics Interviews Podcast
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  • The Remonstrant

    Thank you for this interview podcast. I hope we will be seeing and hearing more from Mr. Bowles. His article on Revelation 14:11 is excellent. I hope he will take on Matthew 13:24-30,36-43 and Matthew 25:31-46 in the future. I have greatly tired of traditionalist appeals to Matthew 25:41 and 46 as definitive scriptural “proof” for endless conscious torment.

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