RH Conference 2015: Breakout Audio!

Two weeks ago about 100 evangelicals gathered to discuss the perennially hot topic of hell. What transpired was, by all accounts, unprecedented. As Jerry Walls put it, “Historic? I’m not sure it’s too strong a word. I can’t think of anything quite like this!” Seldom, if ever, have passionate evangelical proponents of competing views on a controversial topic gathered with the express purpose of discussing (arguing about) it, while nevertheless voicing their critiques with respect and in Christian love, enjoying the kind of camaraderie, fellowship, and unity to which their Lord has called them.

We understand that there are many who would have liked to attend but were unable, and so we are making recordings of nearly all of the plenary and breakout presentations available for free or at a very reasonable price. We are publishing video recordings of all six plenary and four breakout sessions, as well as the concluding panel discussion between the plenary speakers, on a 4-DVD box set which you can purchase for $35 here: http://rethinkinghell.com/about/order-dvds. Video recordings of some of the breakout sessions will be available on YouTube in the “2015 Rethinking Hell Conference” playlist. And aside from the sessions which were filmed for the DVD set, audio recordings of all of the breakout sessions presented by their authors are available for free download below.

Note: Clicking on a link will open and play the audio in a new browser window. To download, right-click a link and choose “Save link/target as…”

Lindsay Brooks (Apologetics.com):
“Hermeneutical Considerations in the Discussion of Eternal Punishment in Revelation and Beyond”
Samuel Garcia (Fuller Theological Seminary):
“Supporting the Claim that Conditionalism is Philosophically Unmotivated”
Peter Hiett (The Sanctuary Downtown):
“How One Biblical Annihilationist Became a Biblical Universalist”
Steven Nemeș (Fuller Theological Seminary):
“Christian Apokatastasis contra Crisp & Walls”
Gavin Ortlund (Fuller Theological Seminary):
“In Defense of Hell: Some Explorative Reflections”
Allison Quient (Fuller Theological Seminary):
“Justification and Life for All? A Response to an Evangelical Universalist Exegesis of Romans 5:12-21”
Laura Robinson (Duke University):
“Hell Is For Christians? Eternal Judgment as a Unique Theological Emphasis in the Gospel of Matthew”
George W. Sarris:
“Is God Creation’s Biggest Loser?”
Jason Schroeder:
“Toward a Charitable Epidemic of Amendments: Viral Change and the Hope for Diversity on the Nature of Hell”
Daniel Sinclair (Rethinking Hell):
“A Philosophical Case for Conditionalism” (also available with slides here)

Stay tuned to Rethinking Hell in the coming weeks and months, as we will be responding in various forms to the traditionalist and universalist plenary and breakout presentations.

Conference Universalism
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5 Responses to RH Conference 2015: Breakout Audio!

  1. Brett says:

    As a believer who worships the same God that Jesus worships, I’d have to question the sincerity of the folks who organize these events. Based on my “one-God” belief, I’ve been banned from one of their groups and blocked from some facebook accounts. I made a couple of comments expressing my belief and that was the end of my participation.

    • Peter Grice says:

      Thanks, Brett. As discussed with you afterwards, this was nothing personal, and not because you hold that belief. Rather, a moderator in our Facebook group felt that you had persisted in proselytizing a non-Trinitarian view, which is against the rules of that group. Moderation is not always pleasant for either side, but it’s pretty standard as far as such forums go.

      Rethinking Hell tries to be as clear as possible about our evangelical purview, but for whatever reason people sometimes latch on to our name and expect us to be interested in “rethinking” things in general, such as the Trinity, even though that would take us well beyond our stated scope and statement of faith.

      So to be honest, I don’t see how it makes sense for any insincerity or lack of integrity to arise here. The recent conference was open to the general public, and it’s not like we’re interested in conducting theological background checks. Even so, I am sorry to hear that you question our sincerity as a result of your experience.

      Anyway, and for what it’s worth, I’ll take this opportunity to congratulate all the conference organizers and participants for working to achieve—by all accounts—an exemplary gathering around a very controversial yet important topic.

      The conference was intentionally opened with a time of biblical reflection and prayer regarding the importance of listening and loving our neighbor in this regard, in ways that are beyond ourselves. I personally really appreciated Brad Jersak’s comments in his session, about the importance of listening to and learning from others outside evangelicalism, before jumping in to critique. We invited Brad along to present a Catholic and Orthodox perspective, and he congratulated us for this.

      It would be a pleasing and unexpected outcome if others saw this conference as a model worth replicating in their own contexts.

      The Rethinking Hell team though will continue along the same course, God-willing, following our mandate to promote Evangelical Conditionalism, and to facilitate charitable dialogue in this area of personal eschatology.

  2. disquswithme says:

    Thank you, RH!

  3. disquswithme says:

    I haven’t listened to all of them, but I really enjoyed Laura Robinson’s paper!

  4. fleetwd1 says:

    I had someone who found the Peter Hiett video on my channel asking questions about the rest of the content of the Fuller Conference. I will send them the link to these audio presentations.

    I told him about the DVDs of the recording of the main auditorium. He may contact you for those.

    I need to listen to the breakout sessions I did not record for my YouTube channel too. Thanks for giving us access to these.

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