Episode 71: The View From the Outside, with Andrew Whyte (Part 2)

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date is joined by former evangelical turned agnostic, Andrew Whyte, to discuss one unbeliever’s perspective on the intramural evangelical hell debate. This episode contains the second half of their two-and-a-quarter hour discussion.


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  • disquswithme

    A very interesting interview. Thank you!

  • HaakAway

    Well done with respect and a “bridge building” effect. To paraphrase another man in conversation with an “enemy”, Andrew is very close to the Kingdom.

  • James O’Connor

    Enjoyed listening to part I and II podcasts with Andrew. He brings some interesting perspectives. On another note, I just wanted to say that I have listened to almost all of the podcasts and appreciate the time and effort it took to put all this together. Great website! Chris, I do have one comment though. In many of the podcasts you object to traditionalists stereotyping conditionalists as objecting to ECT as mostly an emotional response. I find it ironic that each podcasts starts with music and dialog that (IMHO) seems to very much tug at the emotions. My suggestion would be to not include the intro in future podcasts or change it to something else. But again, thanks for the website and to all the contributors at rethinkinghell.

    - JJO

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