Episode 75: The New City Catechism on Hell (Part 2)

Rethinking Hell contributors Nick Quient and Chris Date join Graham Ware to discuss and respond to what the New City Catechism, adapted by Timothy Keller and Sam Shammas from the Reformation catechisms, says about hell. This episode contains the last hour of their discussion; the first fifty minutes or so are in episode 74.


The New City Catechism Website
The Catechism’s Question and Answer on Hell
Introducing New City Catechism
The Origin and Purpose of New City Catechism
RH Conference 2015: Breakout Audio!
Chris Date Nicholas Quient Podcast Reformed
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One Response to Episode 75: The New City Catechism on Hell (Part 2)

  1. Jim O says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do these. I appreciate the fairness, and the various theological perspectives amongst you.

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