The Hermeneutics of Conditionalism: Chris Date’s ETS Presentation Available for Download

On April 1st, I had the pleasure and honor to speak in a parallel session at the 2016 ETS Eastern Region Meeting, held at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, where I am earning my undergraduate degree in biblical and theological studies. There I presented a greatly abridged version of a paper I am developing for publication entitled The Hermeneutics of Conditionalism: A Defense of the Interpretive Method of Edward Fudge. For a cost of $4.00, ETS has made an audio recording of my presentation available for purchase and download here: I covet feedback on my developing paper, so if you download and listen, please email me at with your thoughts!

(Note that recordings of all plenary and parallel sessions, including mine, are available for purchase and download as a single set here: For what is surely a limited time, that set costs only $9.99, but apparently will one day cost $60.)

Biblical Exegesis Hermeneutics
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  • HaakAway

    Love the intro already … tying it back to a previous ETS presentation and quickly noting respected teachers that went in Fudge’s direction. Good first step … I will have to pick the rest up soon. Funny the “Topic” the tagged it with was “Politics” [ETS chocie or]

  • Reese Watt

    I sent an email with comments on the talk, but heard no response. Did that go through?

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