Rethinking Hell contributors William Tanksley and Daniel Sinclair, and guest contributor Peter Berthelson, join Chris Date for a massive five-hour review of his recent debate with Len Pettis of the Bible Thumping Wingnut, and of some of the conversations that have taken place since.
This episode contains part two of three.

Debate and Follow-Up Audio

Chris Date and Len Pettis Debate Hell
Len Pettis is Second Caller Into Matt Slick Radio
Conversations from the Porch Reviews the Debate in Episode 21
The Bible Thumping Wingnut Reviews the Debate in Episode 202

Links Discussed

“A Seat at the Table: An Appeal for Dialogue and Fellowship,” by Chris Date
“The Same Before and After: A Response to Matt Slick,” by Chris Date
“Cross Purposes: Atonement, Death and the Fate of the Wicked (Part 2),” by Chris Date
“A Philosophical Case for Conditional Immortality,” by Daniel Sinclair
“Intrinsic Value, Sanctity of Life, and Capital Punishment: A Response to J. P. Moreland,” by Chris Date
“Conditionalism and Evangelism,” by Daniel Sinclair
“Five Reasons Why Len Pettis is Wrong About Μενω,” by Peter Berthelsen
“Whatever death means, it supports conditionalism,” by Joseph Dear
“Traditionalism and the (Not So) Second Death,” by Chris Date
“Lazarus and the Rich Man: It’s Not About Final Punishment,” by Chris Date

Ministry Links

2016 Rethinking Hell Conference Website
Conference Ticketing Page at EventBrite
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