Episode 101: “Hell Under Fire” Under Fire, Part 1: The History of Hell


Rethinking Hell contributors Glenn Peoples and Graham Ware join Chris Date for the first of a series of episodes reviewing Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment, edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson. This first episode in the series reviews the book’s introduction, as well as the first chapter, “Modern Theology: The Disappearance of Hell,” by Al Mohler.



Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment, available at Amazon
“Church Fathers who were Conditionalists,” YouTube video by Glenn Peoples
“History of Hell: Hell before Augustine,” article by Glenn Peoples
“Conditional Immortality, Origen, and the Second Council of Constantinople,” article by Graham Ware
“Deprived of continuance: Irenaeus the conditionalist,” article by Chris Date
“Hell in the Times: Were the Early Church Fathers ‘Vague’ in Their Support of Conditional Immortality?” article by Glenn Peoples
“Should Christians rethink Hell? Dr Al Mohler & Chris Date debate the traditional & conditionalist view,” episode of Unbelievable?
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2 Responses to Episode 101: “Hell Under Fire” Under Fire, Part 1: The History of Hell

  1. Jim O says:

    Thanks so much for everyone’s efforts on this. I am looking forward to future installations. (For those of us who are not fully familiar with all the various logical fallacies, maybe next time you could briefly define the less common ones, such as the Scotsman’s ..?…, and there was one other I would not be able to define.) Your work is appreciated, and you are building a great resource. God bless you all in your many pursuits.

  2. Ayreonaut says:

    Really enjoyed this. “Book club” is a great idea for generating future episodes.

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Featured audio: Dr. Al Mohler & Chris Date debate
"Should Christians rethink Hell?" on Unbelievable?