Episode 103: “Hell Under Fire” Under Fire, Part 3: Hell in the Teaching of Jesus


Rethinking Hell contributors William Tanksley and Daniel Sinclair join Chris Date for the third of a series of episodes reviewing Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment, edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson. This third episode in the series reviews chapter 3, “Jesus on Hell,” by Robert Yarbrough.



“The meaning of ‘apollumi’ in the Synoptic Gospels,” article by Glenn Peoples
“‘Punishment’ and the Polysemy of Deverbal Nouns,” article by Chris Date
Matthew 25:46 Does Not Prove Eternal Torment – Part 1,” article by Joey Dear
Matthew 25:46 Does Not Prove Eternal Torment – Part 2,” article by Joey Dear
“Their Worm Does Not Die: Annihilation and Mark 9:48,” article by Chris Date
“The Fire Is Not Quenched: Annihilation and Mark 9:48 (Part 2),” article by Chris Date
“Lazarus and the Rich Man: It’s Not About Final Punishment,” article by Chris Date
“Introduction to Evangelical Conditionalism: Luke 16:19-31 (The Rich Man and Lazarus),” article by Joey Dear
“Hypocrisy, Not Hell: The Polemic Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man,” article by Chris Loewen
“Atonement Debate Redux: Lean Not On Your Own Understanding,” article by Peter Berthelsen reviewing the Pettis-Date debate
“Episode 96: Date vs. Pettis Debate Review (Part 1),” podcast episode by Chris Date, William Tanksley, and Daniel Sinclair reviewing the Pettis-Date debate
“Episode 97: Date vs. Pettis Debate Review (Part 2),” podcast episode by Chris Date, William Tanksley, and Daniel Sinclair reviewing the Pettis-Date debate
“Episode 98: Date vs. Pettis Debate Review (Part 3),” podcast episode by Chris Date, William Tanksley, and Daniel Sinclair reviewing the Pettis-Date debate
The Bible Teaches Annihilationism, e-book by Joey Dear
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