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Dr. Jim Spiegel, Professor of Philosophy & Religion at Taylor University, joins Rethinking Hell contributor Dr. Glenn Peoples to discuss conditionalism and Jim’s book, The Making of an Atheist.

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The Rethinking Hell contributors and a few special guests join Chris Date for a supersized episode of the podcast, to celebrate our one year anniversary and discuss the past year of ministry, feedback from our readers and listeners, and the ministry … Continue reading

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Dr. Glenn Peoples demonstrates that some early Church Fathers were conditionalists.

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Does “their fire shall not be quenched” in Isaiah 66:24 really allow for a fire that consumes and then goes out? Or is there a serious challenge to this claim that we have not seen before? Adam Blauser, a blogger … Continue reading

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Someone recently brought my attention to the fact that Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio and “Fighting for the Faith” recently offered some criticisms of my summary of the positive biblical case for annihilationism in episode 4. Here are my … Continue reading

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Dr. Glenn Peoples responds to some recent comments from Prof. William Lane Craig.

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