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Lenism, a disturbing ECT-CI cultic hybrid
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TOPIC: Lenism, a disturbing ECT-CI cultic hybrid

Lenism, a disturbing ECT-CI cultic hybrid 3 years, 4 months ago #3046

  • Grigori
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The trump card of annihilationism is to prove CI, which destroys traditionalist basis for ECT. But, what if CI and ECT could be reconciled? Here is a guy (name Len Smith) who manages a way to reconcile CI and ECT. Smith is a common surname, so I call it lenism. Also, its phonetic similarity to leninism is suitable, since Len is a kind of spiritual Lenin:


Please take your time in reading it (it is an online book split by chapters) in order to have a full grasp of the ominous strength of this cultic, but apparently well-grounded Sola Scriptura exegesis (Len uses LOTS of biblical verses). Anyway, I will try to offer a synopsis of the more disturbing points, since it has some nasty soteriological implications for all christianity either historical or current, so every believer should be concerned about refuting it, specially annihilationists:

1. Bible is all about authority vs rebellion, the popular good vs evil being a satanic deception of carnal reason that ruins faith. So God is a cosmic tyrant and democracy the ultimate sin from the "freedom fighter" Lucifer. Any christian who does not obey perfectly to any government is hellbound (to vote or to criticize abortion are sins of rebellion according to Len), since all authority comes from God.
2. Human believers were created to serve as pawns in the legal war God has with Lucifer, since his rebellion. So, when a believer sins, he is betraying God whether he knows it or not. So, God plans to turn material universe into hell by a flood of fire: Len calls it “Final Solution”. Also, rebellion can be involuntary. God doesn’t care about if you want to obey Him but you can’t, or doesn’t know how to obey Him, you are damned anyway.
3. There are 2 original sins. First, Lucifer murders the Lamb (Len says it means God suffers ECT by the emotional pain disobedience inflicts Him), so God decrees ECT as punishment. Second, Adam disobeys God by eating the forbidden fruit, so God decrees physical death. So, Jesus only atones for physical death since He only died physically in cross.
4. At some point in the life of Abraham, God stopped being the Father of all humans to be the God of hebrews. Since then, heathens are called “dogs” because as beasts their souls die with their mortal natural bodies and cease to exist. Angels and believers have an immortal spiritual body where their souls (consciences) live after physical death. So, Pharaoh dies, but Judas share fate with Lucifer.
5. Salvation is a double process: first, spiritual born grants immortality and faith (thus being able to please God). Second, we need works (bearing fruit), which means perfect submission to God. If believers fail they inherit the wrath of God (second death, i.e. ECT since spirits can’t die). Len says in all the verses about hell the damned are believers, like demons believe and tremble. Note that this makes immortality a curse and salvation an almost hopeless feat (I can't imagine anything more burdensome).
6. Annihilate rebels like Lucifer would relieve God emotional ECT, but He doesn’t do it because spirits can’t die. So, Len denies Omnipotence (de facto). Otherwise, He prefers to suffer ECT with damned, instead of relieve Himself by relieving them. So, Len makes God one who hurts others even if it means hurting Himself.
7. Virtually all christians from Augustine to Len (1600 years) and most of believers of all times (from Genesis to Revelation) are hellbound heretics, apostates and false prophets. So evangelism is counterproductive because the proselyte has 99% chance to be hellbound.
8. Any believer who questions the Divine inspiration of KJV is a hellbound heretic. Len challenges everybody to refute his book only with the KJV (not theology, not greek/hebrew dictionaries). Also, if for any reason you cannot read a KJV you are hellbound.
9. Since medicine is related to satanic philosophy/reason, going to the doctor is a sin. If you have appendicitis it means that God wishes you to die on a painful and slow death (unless He heals you by miracle), and if you rebel by calling a doctor you will go to hell, for a sin of rebellion.
10. Morality is phariseeism, Len teaches that masturbation, lustful fantasizing (hetero AND homo) or going to heathen whores (only hetero) are not sins, and anyone who disagrees is a hellbound heretic.

And this is only a sample. This cultic hybrid CI-ECT is more cruel than traditionalism, since makes Christianity a mousetrap, so believers have wasted their only reliable chance of avoiding ECT without knowing it. Also, it is unfair since while heathens like Pol Pot simply vanished, however syrian christians martyred by ISIS go to hell. The only good part is that you don't need to worry for your atheist sibling, since he is blessed with a mortality you will long for in hell. I'm exposing Len because if he is wrong (I pray for it), lenism should be refuted as false teaching since it maligns God (prophets, apostles and Jesus win all debates, so if Len is refuted it will expose him as a false teacher).


P.S. I cleaned up spelling, improve title and information, ect. Sorry if still remains any mistake.
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Re: Lenism, a disturbing ECT-CI cultic hybrid 3 years, 3 months ago #3065

  • 20july1944
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This is just another of the seemingly infinite number of bizarre exegeses that can be made "sola Scriptura" from our "clear" Bible.

Scary and sad.

For any KJV-only arguments, ask "which" KJV is/was so "perfect".
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Re: Lenism, a disturbing ECT-CI cultic hybrid 3 years, 3 months ago #3082

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True, check this: www.atruechurch.info/hell.html Apart from making J. Edwards look mild, both Len and Fish believe only them are loyal to Sola Scriptura, so I wonder how these “prophets” end up with different teachings. Since both guys believe “doctrinal perfection” is essential to salvation, they will anathematize each other if they ever meet. But, while fishism had been exposed by Phil Johnson (www.atruecult.com/), lenism have been unexposed until now. It’s frustrating since it’s dangerous for weak brothers.

Len seems unaware (or doesn’t care) of how KJV changed since 1611. He claims the closing of OT canon to Christ is like KJV closing NT canon to End Times, so both begin “400 years of silence”. Len’s KJOism is unmatched, since he claims even Textus Receptus is heretical, so God inspired KJV ex-nihilo because He wants to make english the modern lingua franca, as greek was in NT times.

Summa Lenitica 1 year, 11 months ago #3907

  • Grigori
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Some weeks ago a sudden insight, which I believe came from the Holy Spirit, struck me: Len Smith is (or will be) the False Prophet:

Most christians believe that the Beast and the False Prophet will be nephilim, yet I think they will be psychopaths ("confident leaders") who will make a faustian pact. In Revelation 16:13 three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet, exactly what you would expect from sorcerers who allow themselves to be demon-possessed in exchange for wealth and power ("familiars" in occultist jargon). Satan doesn't choose his champions by chance: he seeks individuals who have the skills and mindset he needs. Len shows exactly the same self-righteous ruthlessness as O'Brien from 1984 (an accurate fictional portrait of a clinical psychopath), he would turn USA into North Korea in God Name. In D36 Len advocates serving the Antichrist and claims that to oppose the Beast will bring damnation.

Lenism also fits the target of the False Prophet: to deceive conservative christians into apostasy. The Beast will be the head of the State, Len preaches that any christian who isn't a statolater is hellbound. So, Len implicitly preaches that christians shall worship the Antichrist under threat of hellfire, since God rules through the Beast. Unbelievers and liberal "christians" don't need to be deceived: they indulge joyfully into statolatry. Thats why I believe God has chosen me to expose the cryptosatanic heretic Len Smith:

1. Gnostics preach gnosis (philosophy) saves, Len preaches gnosis damns. Gnostics preach Creation is hell, Len preaches Creation will be the lake of fire. Gnostics preach Demiurge is a Cosmic Tyrant (and regard this as a bad thing), Len preaches God is a Cosmic Tyrant (and regards it as a good thing). Gnostics preach Adam was made to be His Slave (and regard this as a bad thing), Len preaches Adam was made to be His Slave (and regards this as a good thing). Gnostics preach Lucifer is a freedom fighter (and regard this as a good thing), Len preaches that Lucifer is a freedom fighter (and regards it as a bad thing). Gnostics preach only pneumatics (luciferians) can be saved, Len preaches only "cathari" (his cult) can be saved. Christians preach gnosis doesn't matter. Christians preach Creation isn't related to hell/lake of fire. Christians preach God is a Loving Father. Christians preach Adam was made to be His Son. Christians preach Lucifer is a Cosmic Tyrant. Christians preach Christ is THE Freedom Fighter (John 8:32, John 14:6). Len isn't a christian, Len is a pro-Demiurge gnostic (lenism = demiurgical gnosticism) masquerading as a christian. His Lucifer is our Christ, our Christ is his Lucifer. Len unbiblically equates "authority" with government in order to justify his statolatry. Kings = totalitarian dictators is an enlightened viewpoint, which no actual reactionary/monarchist shares. Absolute (early modern) monarchy is authoritarian (unlike medieval "primus inter pares" monarchy which mirrors the Kingdom of Heaven, v. Matthew 18:1-4), but can't be totalitarian because totalitarianism can't be achieved without industrial tech, which is a byproduct of the Enlightement. Communism and fascism are enlightened ideologies, since class warfare and eugenics are byproducts of the Enlightement. Benjamin Franklin said "democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote". North Korea official name is Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Len proves to be an uneducated fool when he praises communism because he believes monarchy = totalitarianism and democracy = freedom.
2. This point reinforces my insight about Len implicit occultism. Star Gospel is a cult of christians astrologers who claim that God made Adam to settle Lucifer appeal after his judgement in the Age of Leo. Of course Len is cunning enough to avoid occultist jargon like "Age of Leo", yet Len preaching about why God made Adam and how Lucifer reacted to his judgement is Star Gospel plagiarism, thus proving Len has an implicit knowledge of christian astrology. Len equates Lake of Fire with Big Crunch, yet according to science Big Crunch would lead to a second Big Bang (cyclical time). Also, most scientists don't believe in the Big Crunch but in the Big Freeze, since stars explode then fade, so its scientifically impossible that stars end up engulfing the universe forever like Len preaches. Len uses nazi jargon "Final Solution" because he regards nazis as morally above americans, since they "understood what true obedience means". The involuntary rebellion thing is nonsense because rebellion is per se an act of will. The psychopathic portrait Len makes of God is typically occultist. Occultists believe in a "reptilian" (occultist jargon for psychopathic) Creator (Demiurge in occultist jargon).
3. Len teaching about Lucifer inflicting ECT to God is a crazy speculation which Len implictly expects us to take as authoritative. Notice that Len calls Gospel ("Good News") to being saved from dying as a beast in exchange for the near-security of being tortured forever as a spirit, for the sake of the chess game God has with Satan. Len calls "mercy" to become immortal EVEN if this means that you will burn in hell. Yet OT sacrifices (which were a shadow of the Cross) were done for the forgiveness of sins, not to become hebrew. BTW, according to Matthew 26:53 God would have saved Jesus from His Fate if Jesus asked for it. That doesn't fit the character of the Cosmic Tyrant Len preaches. Also, its nonsensical that in Luke 22:44 Jesus was so anguished he sweated blood, since a crucifixion would be trivial for someone used to endure ECT since Lucifer rebellion.
4. The key point of lenism, thats how Len manages to reconcile CI with ECT. Obviously he has to negate Sola Fide/Sola Gratia or become an universalist, since if only believers survive physical death, hell/lake of fire would be empty without them. Len defines the spirit as a kind of invisible, immortal body which has water instead of blood and doesn't produce waste. Notice how gnostic Len sounds when he claims that our resurrected bodies "can't be these waste-producing, blood-filled earthy bodies". This contradicts Genesis 2:7, which says God made Adam body from the dust, then He breathed spirit into Adam nostrils in order to make Adam a soul. See? Spirit + Body = Soul. Man doesn't have a soul, man is a soul. If lenism were true, why Jesus brings Lazarus back from Abraham bossom to a sinful world in which he could at any time lose his salvation? Len is also unable to grasp how nonsensical would be Job 2:9 if lenism were true. Picture a christian wife who tells her husband "since you are being tormented by an illness, curse God and be tormented forever in hellfire".
5. Len believes "doctrinal perfection" (his cult) is essential for salvation. Len makes the Atonement a de facto curse instead of the blessing christians believe it to be, since only those with enough IQ to understand Len theology (pardon, "doctrine"), plus enough physical and psychological fitness to live by it have a chance of avoiding ECT. I wonder if Len believes Jesus was lying when He said that children and ill people can go to heaven, unlike the pharisees who despised children and believed illness was evidence of damnation. Len, like all spiritual terrorists (preachers who cast spirits of fear upon brethren. They claim to have the Holy Spirit, yet according to 2 Timothy 1:7 they lie. These preachers are casting demons, so from a biblical viewpoint they are sorcerers), negates Ephesians 2:8-9 (Sola Gratia/Fide), claiming it implies a license to sin and that it contradicts Sola Scriptura. But the Five Solae were unheard before Luther (thats why Invisible Church is an essential doctrine for coherent protestantism), so is hypocritical to believe in Sola Scriptura but not in Sola Fide/Gratia. To reject Sola Fide/Gratia isn't holiness but to despise the Cross. Those who do it are pharisees who can't understand why someone would refuse to sin if not under threat of hellfire. Thats the mindset of a slave who unwillingly obeys because he fears his master whip, not the mindset of a son who willingly honors his father because he loves him. Len is a whited sepulchre (i.e. a pharisee/slave) who wants to destroy our christian sonship, the freedom we have in Christ. Spiritual terrorists always claim absolute holiness, yet none can actually prove it. They are hypocrites, consciously or not. Also, Len lies when he equates angels with believers: angels aren't believers because angels can't have faith. Angels KNOW, thats why their sins can't be forgiven. Len claims God wants us to be cerebral, something which evidences the same kind of hellenistic influx which produced legalism.
6. Len makes God an objective sadomasochist with this (thus surpassing traditionalists who "only" make God a sadist). If God can't destroy spirits He isn't Omnipotent. If God can't foresee that most spirits would rebel, inflicting Him emotional ECT He isn't Omniscient. So, Len only allows God to preserve His Omnipresence, which is why He suffers ECT with the damned (it seems Len only preserves the Omni that suits his cult). Also, if God ECT is emotional pain, why is the torment of the damned physical according to Len? Is God unable to inflict emotional pain without physical pain (ex. through some kind of mind torture like forced empathy)? This reinforces my insight that lenist God isn't the unlimited christian Creator but the limited, petty gnostic Demiurge.
7. Lenist God seems pretty inept when choosing His "soldiers". I wonder why He doesn't choose only smart, strong, healthy and submissive overmen instead of faulty guys like us who are fated to hell, since to threat a cow with ECT wouldn't make the cow able to fly. Also, since most or all christians of almost every generation go to hell, I wonder what more needs to do Lucifer in order to win his appeal. Len doesn't reveals that to us, instead he gives us a "priceless" (ironic mode) History lesson. He claims to be a cathar (despite that he can't prove his doctrine has any actual resemblance with catharism), because there is some kind of spiritual bloodline that goes this way: paulicians ("the only ones who were faithful to the apostolic faith") > bogomils > cathari > King James > Len. It seems King James was a cathar prophet after all. In D27 Len states that if his doctrine and catharism don't fit is because the catholic inquisitors mixed up catharism with gnosticism for the sake of propaganda. Of course Len can't prove his point, because he is just a narcisistic liar who needs some origin myth for his cult. Len states "cathari lived spartan lifes", yet among historical cathars only parfaits (priests) were ascetics. Most cathars were laity (auditores "hearers") who attained salvation at deathbed when a parfait gave them the consolamentum (cathar sacrament). Len doesn't believe in consolamentum or auditores: any believer who isn't a "parfait" is hellbound and there is no sacrament to save him.
8. Len hypocritically claims that anyone who refutes his cult with anything but KJV is a "satanic theologian", yet his book contains much more than KJV quotes and he sometimes EDITS his KJV quotes to make bible verses fit his doctrine. It seems Len KJOism is a machiavellian jedi mind trick to prevent effective criticism to his cult. Also, Len states that elizabethean english is to modern christians as koine greek was to ancient christians, since God chooses a sacred language every time a biblical canon is closed. Why then Jesus preached in aramaic, despite hebrew being the tongue in which the OT canon was closed? Why the Holy Spirit gave to the Apostles the Gift of Tongues, so that they could preach in any tongue? Len makes Jesus a "bible rejecter" and the Gift of Tongues a vain nonsense. Notice in apostolic times to hear and believe the Gospel was enough to be saved: the ethiopian eunuch doesn't took a Bible to Ethiopia, so according to Len he was damned. Also, the NT was compiled centuries AFTER Christ died, by those Church Fathers who Len regards as "hellbound heretics".
9. Every western invention has hellenistic influx, yet Len hypocritically rejects medicine while employing computers for his cult. Len claims to be a KJO literalist, yet he doesn't take KJV at face value when KJV calls Apostle Luke a "physician". Len claims that in Jesus times "physician" didn't mean doctor but "boy scout who only knows first aids" (sic). There is no way Len can prove that, so he twists his KJV to force it to fit his cult, yet Len expects everyone to take his exegesis of the biblical usage of "physician" as authoritative. Also, notice that a manmade medicine can heal someone against the Will of Len "Almighty" God. BTW, Len claims to had been miraclously healed from appendicitis, yet he was never diagnosed and his "perfectly submissive wife" (perfectly brainwashed wife), who had to prevent him from calling a doctor (meaning Len is a sinful hellbound rebel at heart according to Matthew 5:28), is the only witness of this suppossed miracle.
10. Typical cult leader stuff: tyrannical on everything but his favourite vices. Anyway, thats the logical end of stating that sin = rebellion/virtue = authority. Notice that lenism implies that child pornography isn't sinful because a "christian" (sic) pedophile who masturbates "doesn't sin by having sex with himself".

We can't know for sure if Len is the False Prophet (it could be one of his closest followers, who Len praises in D36), yet we know he is a false prophet who targets conservative christians in the End Times (he began his "ministry" in 1999. Occultists don't choose dates by chance). Age of Reason/lenism is Len brainchild, a projection of his wicked soul, a demonic spell which subconsciously biases Bible study through hypnotic suggestion (psychic attack). Notice how he fills his web with banners in which his followers praise his work: Len is a narcissist, as evidenced by his claims of cathar descent (cathari mean "the pure"). Len is also a sadist who writes things like "I'm an absolute dictator over my perfectly submissive wife like God is an Absolute Dictator over me", "beatings are essential for raising children. A child should be beated not only if he misbehaves, but to teach him that true authority is and shall be arbitrary". Psychopathy, machiavellism, narcissism, sadism... Len is the Dark Tetrad incarnate. Its no wonder Satan chose Len as his antichristian champion, second only to the Beast. Astrologers always talk about the coming Age of Aquarius, an age in which the personal identity will be erased "for the common good" (i.e. communism). Aquarius symbolic color is purple, the royal color, hence Len obsession with monarchy. Len would be to the Beast as the Archbishop of Canterbury is to the English Crown. This self-proclaimed "cathar" is a blasphemer who portraits God as an Almighty Satan (i.e. Gnostic Demiurge). I could bring more charges (Len spent 7 years writting a kind of BOM for his cult), but I think thats enough to expose him with God and all you as my witnesses.

By the Authority of the Holy Invisible Church I curse Len Smith in the Name of Yahweh Elyon, Yahshuah HaMashiakh, Ruakh HaKodesh, Abba Elohim. Amen.
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