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I saw that Rob Bell signed up...
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TOPIC: I saw that Rob Bell signed up...

Re: I saw that Rob Bell signed up... 3 years, 4 months ago #2995

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Timothew, I agree with a lot of your short review about Love Wins.

I got the audio book at the library, and I finished listening to it this week. It was only 3 CDs.

Disclaimer: Since I generally listened while doing something else (morning routine, cooking, driving, etc.), I probably didn't absorb it as much as if I had read it.

I enjoyed it. I don't recall anything alarming about it. It's not really a "theology" book. It's just kind of a thoughtful, "here's-what-I-think" book. I think there was an emphasis on God's love and our purpose and desire to be like Him, and I always like that.

I'm not sure that it would convince anyone of anything in particular, theologically speaking, except that the ideas of heaven and hell are not as clear as we usually think, and I agree with that observation to a large extent. But it's too short of a book to make a full study or case for anything.

My only substantive criticism: He sometimes uses assumptions or interpretations when he quotes Biblical passages without much explanation or justification. Of course that's normal in most things I read/hear.
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Re: I saw that Rob Bell signed up... 10 months ago #4953

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Givemhell wrote:
I think that God is Glorified through the destruction of the wicked as it shows Him to be the God of Justice as well as the God of Love and Mercy. From a logical standpoint it wouldn't make sense for Him to want everyone to be saved.

I'm not a Universalist but i dont understand why God's justice is not shown in saving all, for Christ suffered and died propitiating the wrath of God, which i would assume qualifies as completely fulfilling the Justice of God. To say that God saving all would fail to show Gods justice would assume that its impossible for God to save all for he would not be just if He did so. I think that is a non sequitur.

Premise1) God's justice is shown in the propitiatory nature of the Death of Christ

Premise2) The amount or percent of persons found in Christ does not disqualify His payment as satisfying the Wrath of God and hence upholding Justice.

Conclusion) therefore, regardless of if 1 person or all persons are found in Christ, the Justice of God stands.
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