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Universalism/Universal Reconciliation
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TOPIC: Universalism/Universal Reconciliation

Re: Universalism/Universal Reconciliation 7 months, 3 weeks ago #5119

There's a good study on 1 Corinthians 15v22-28 here:


I have believed in UR for about 15 years. My father believed in "a larger hope" in his own way but it took time for me to find faith and discover how the Bible actually teaches "the larger hope".

Re: Universalism/Universal Reconciliation 7 months, 3 weeks ago #5121

Sorry to hear about your church Msandino. It must be next to impossible to fit in a church that is sure of ECT and not believe it. In their eyes, I can imagine you can easily become a terrible person for believing in UR.
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Re: Universalism/Universal Reconciliation 7 months, 3 weeks ago #5122

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Thank you Bjerregaard - ; that's very thoughtful and understanding of you. I appreciate your considering how that would make me feel.

As for them: Ha ha it's funny they think I have a demon!

But I was extremely well respected in that church before I declared that I am a vile heretic!! So hoping that God can make use of that. In the footsteps - I hope! of Mr. John Stott who shook up the Anglican Church when he came out considering annihilation as an acceptable Biblical perspective.

Actually I'm now suspect in two places: one is the Foursquare Church, and the other is the interdenominational prison ministry, Aglow: we go in and preach to and pray with the inmates.

Aglow asked me to go through a "deliverance" process because I must have some demonic influence clinging to me that keeps me from believing that God will eternally torture His enemies and their own relatives...

But I'm excited to speak out about it cuz I want to rattle their cages! I was very thrilled to be able to explain why I couldn't check the radio button next to the line "I believe in the eternal punishment of the lost" (right below the radio button next to the blank: "I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and raised from the dead..."

I keep saying, "SHOW ME!"" Show me where it says that! Please help me be set free from my doctrinal error!

And yet no one is really willing to engage with me. After a few rounds they just throw up their hands. They haven't studied Koine Greek or torn apart their Bibles the way I have in the last year. My best of friends meet and pray with me and just think I'm errant in my beliefs, but the leaders of the church and are restricting me from ministry. I think it's hysterically funny.

The assistant pastor asked me to read "Erasing Hell" by Francis Chan, and so I did. Several times. I came out more convinced than ever that ECT is the most unscriptural and ridiculous shame, wicked conspiracy in history. And to think the likes of Francis Chan -- who I hitherto respected -- would defend this shameless evil. I wrote the Pastor a ten-page letter explaining my problems with his Biblical exegesis and useless logic: he writes back, "Ok, so if that's where you land..."

Sometimes it makes me crazy!!

But the funny thing is that they will never say out loud that they teach ECT. They are not forthcoming; and would shift and shimmy if asked. And the prison ministry women -- they go in to visit convicted murderers on death row and tell them that God loves them! The irony escapes them but not me.

I'm so moved by Mr Fudge and the personal "hell" he went through to break down some of these doctrinal barriers. Now Conditionalism is being accepted as a Biblical understanding of Hell! I dream, live, pray, and work for the day that Universal Reconciliation will be so considered. Mostly because I'm so horrified that they have tried to share HIS GLORY with another.

Re: Universalism/Universal Reconciliation 7 months, 3 weeks ago #5123

They sound like some real hardliners! Are they also "Young Earth Creationist" insisting that other views on creation destroys faith too? I can only imagine what you go through and they believe you must have a demon or some desire to sin in you so you must explain away Hell. But sadly important beliefs cause division. I hope God shortens the time needed for the Bible believing churches to become more accepting .

It is amazing that CI has become more respected in Evangelical circles. I remember talking CI with believers years ago and immidiately I was identified as a heretical JW or a semi-heretical SDA.
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