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We hope that you find the Rethinking Hell forums full of fruitful interaction between those who may or may not agree about a given topic. Please help us to maintain a high standard.


For now, there are only a couple of things to remember:


  1. Although we are called "Rethinking Hell," that doesn't mean that our forums are dedicated equally to the exploration of all views on Hell. Rather, as it says in our masthead, they are for "Exploring Evangelical Conditionalism." Discussion of other views is most welcome – in fact we welcome robust, respectful debate – however only insofar as they generally interact with Conditionalism. Those behind the project are supportive of open dialogue, but not supportive of other views of Hell, generally speaking. If you need less restriction, and would like to vigorously promote Universalism, for example, without engaging Conditionalist or other critics, there are many locations on the internet where that is welcomed. Thank you for your understanding of our primary focus here.

  2. Please always engage in respectful, productive dialogue (1 Pet 3:15; Eph 4:15; Col 4:6; 2 Tim 2:23). When Christians start departing from this, we often appeal to how Jesus Christ spoke with scorn on specific occasions. He also spoke with authority as the Son of God, so, please don't make those appeals.


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