I have just rejected Hell! Wrote up my study

1 month 2 weeks ago #5570 by senordineroman
I will indeed. Haven't done so yet, but I intend to do so soon. Thanks for the interest! I'll come back to the forum here to let folks know that it's posted and added to the site. Peace-
1 month 5 days ago #5703 by senordineroman
Hi folks -

Just posted my responses to objections sent my way! One set of responses is from a Bible professor, and the other is from a man of God from my hometown who... actually agrees with me, but mainly disagrees with my level of certainty and tone in presenting them.

Here you are: sites.google.com/site/whyinolongerbeliev...i-ve-received---soon
3 weeks 1 day ago #9398 by John Haak
Hey Singal One ... I think your Revelation 14 idea is one that should be used more. In my view the flow is what happens near the end and repeatedly in history and is not The End at all. It illustrates that Context, a simple Bible study principle, solves some of these "hard" passages.

Good catch.
3 weeks 13 hours ago #9399 by John Haak
Being a pastor myself I am very curious how your pastor reacted to your conversation with him. I did not see any follow-up on that. How did it go? What is the status?
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4 days 2 hours ago - 4 days 2 hours ago #9407 by senordineroman
Hi John -

I never got a notification that a response was left here. I'll make sure to have the check-boxes marked to make sure I'll be notified of responses to comments on this thread.

It's interesting, I've emailed it to him a couple times (and he definitely does email). He hasn't responded. The reason I did it that way is because I know that as soon as I would have brought it up, we would have gotten into a conversation about it right then and there, but I wanted him to read my entire line of thinking - I know this is hot-button --> Here is what the overall tone of Scripture is, but --> there are exceptions, but --> There are multiple ways to interpret those exceptions, etc.

Well, since I've received no response electronically, my next step is to now address him in person about it and ask what he thinks. Been kind of surprising to get no response, however part of me wonders if I've gotten him thinking about it and maybe he's having second thoughts on the topic! And if so, that's for the better-- I'd like to hear that.

Interesting you bring this up, because I was just behind my laptop journaling about the whole affective side of coming this direction doctrinally over the last few months. Might add yet another tab to that page!

Thanks for keeping in touch. Always interested to hear more reactions from committed believers who are looking at this topic.
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2 days 10 hours ago #9408 by John Haak
My advice is to simply ask him if he got your email. Then ask him about meeting for coffee this summer so you can hear what he thinks. I would hope he remains open to that and you can take it from there. You may find that he did not take time to really read it . If so, stay friendly, understanding he is busy, but looking to him for feedback.

Have you already looked to see if your church's statement of faith addresses this topic of hell?
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