The "Isaiah Apocalypse": A Commentary

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The Isaiah Apocalypse (Isa. 24:1 - 27:5) is intimately connected with the Book of Revelation and is crucial background for Revelation's picture of the final end of the unrepentant as a deluge of annihilating fire from heaven (Isa. 26:10-11; 27:1-5 || Rev. 20:1-3, 5, 7-10). Christians typically pay little attention to it because of its dense and mysterious poetry, but NT writers (and Jesus) refer to it or quote it more than twenty times. Peter strongly encourages us to study the oracles of the prophets that deal with the events to come (2 Pet. 1:19-21). This draft commentary is intended to help people get a sense that they understand the basics of what God is saying through Isaiah in this passage.

I'm interested in any reactions folks have. I have tried to concentrate on the internal dynamics of the Isaiah Apocalypse (also known as the "little Isaiah Apocalypse") and to show how its narrative develops according to its own logic, rather than exposit it using, say, the Book of Revelation, as the explicit key. Below is a link.

A Brief Commentary on the Isaiah Apocalypse (Isa. 24:1 - 27:5)

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