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The Rethinking Hell Podcast is a central resource for a view on Hell called Conditional Immortality (a.k.a. Conditionalism or Annihilationism). Focusing on this biblical view as held by many Evangelical Christians, we interview notable proponents, respond to the challenges of critics, present the stories of people who once held to the traditional view but are now rethinking hell, and much more. Subscribe by clicking on the RSS Feed or iTunes link below!

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Episode 119: “Why I am Not (Yet) a Conditionalist”–Part 2, With Chris Woznicki

Chris Woznicki joins Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date at the Rethinking Hell 2019 Far West Chapter Symposium to discuss the theological reservations he has about conditional immortality and which prevent him from yet embracing it, despite what he acknowledges is its exegetical strength. This is part 2 of the recording; listen to part 1 with Zachary Seals in episode 118.

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