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The Rethinking Hell Podcast is a central resource for a view on Hell called Conditional Immortality (a.k.a. Conditionalism or Annihilationism). Focusing on this biblical view as held by many Evangelical Christians, we interview notable proponents, respond to the challenges of critics, present the stories of people who once held to the traditional view but are now rethinking hell, and much more. Subscribe below!

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Episode 138: The History of Hell–A Conversation With Bart Ehrman

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date is joined by Dr. Bart Ehrman to discuss Ehrman’s latest book, Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife. Dr. Ehrman is an influential agnostic and critic of the Christian faith, especially in the area of the reliability of the biblical documents. Despite our significant differences, we decided that it was important to critically engage with Dr. Ehrman’s work on the subject of Hell. Obviously, this should not be seen as our endorsement of Dr. Ehrman’s critical work and perspectives, just as Dr. Ehrman isn’t endorsing our work or beliefs, even though we find some points of agreement in this conversation.

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