Episode 35: Straight Thinking About Hell Part 1, with Daniel Sinclair and Chris Date

In the three most recent episodes of their Straight Thinking podcast, Reasons to Believe featured Ken Samples discussing the biblical doctrine of hell and final punishment, and offering some criticisms of conditional immortality and annihilationism. In this episode, fellow Rethinking Hell contributor Daniel Sinclair joins Chris Date to share their thoughts in response. Stay tuned for part two in the next episode.

Please note: None of the three major views on hell is monolithic, in terms of what proponents might believe and how they argue. We always endeavor to represent other views fairly, however on occasion we do refer to weaker versions, and we sometimes generalize. Relevant to this episode, we are aware that many universalists affirm the judgment of the lost and their suffering in hell. We look forward to engaging with the strongest versions of universalism in the future, and their foremost proponents.


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