"Hell Triangle"—Christian Views of Final Punishment

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The diagram features the three main views on final punishment:

  • Traditionalism ~ Everyone lives forever. The unsaved suffer everlasting conscious torment.
  • Universalism ~ Everyone lives forever. The unsaved are refined and ultimately saved.
  • Conditionalism ~ The saved are raised in immortal glory to live forever. The unsaved are raised in mortal shame to be finally destroyed. This may include temporary suffering.

In addition to these three main views, four variant views are noted on the chart, along with Catholic Purgatory (which is for believers) and the view of the Eastern Orthodox tradition. Finally, Apokatastasis (Acts 3:21) is for the consideration of all views. Once Christ returns and all things in creation are redeemed, the question is whether all remaining evil will ultimately be converted, restrained or destroyed.

  • Separationism ~ Unsaved sinners by choice are forever excluded from God’s presence.
  • Dehumanization ~ The unsaved progressively degenerate into a state of permanent bestial nature.
  • Reconciliationism ~ The unsaved cease to sin, but are forever denied the blessings of God’s presence.
  • Partial Conditionalism ~ Unsaved human beings are destroyed, while Satan and demonic beings are tormented forever.
  • Apokatastasis ~ Restoration/redemption of all things, in relation to the ultimate fate of evil. An important consideration for all.
  • Catholic Purgatory ~ A place of refining preparation for Heaven, for those not going to Hell.
  • Orthodox Church ~ A permanent subjective experience of God’s presence (positive or negative).

Some versions of the chart contain icons for some major talking points on this subject: Life, Death, Creation, Redemption, Justice and Scripture. We hope that these will help to stimulate discussion and study, which is the goal of the overall chart.




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