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Please note: this competition has now ended

Zondervan recently published a second edition of Four Views on Hell, and sent us a few copies to give away to Rethinking Hell readers and listeners. Read on to learn how you can enter to win!

Twenty years ago Zondervan published Four Views on Hell as part of their “Counterpoints” series. In it, John Walvoord and William Crockett defended variations of the traditional view of hell as eternal torment; Zachary Hayes defended a Roman Catholic view of Purgatory; and Clark Pinnock defended conditional immortality. Some fifteen years later, Four Views proved instrumental in my change of mind on the nature of hell after I first interviewed Edward Fudge and, in an effort to land confidently on one view or another, found myself consuming (excuse the pun) every book, recorded sermon, blog article, and podcast episode on the topic I could find.

The evangelical landscape has changed since the original publication of Four Views on Hell: the so-called literal view has largely fallen out of favor; some variations of universalism are tolerated as within the pale of evangelical orthodoxy; the cases for universalism and conditional immortality have been developed further by evangelical scholars; and some evangelicals are even affirming belief in a form of Purgatory. For these and other reasons, this year Zondervan published a second edition of Four Views, with an all new lineup, each of whom I had the recent pleasure of interviewing:

  • Eternal torment: Denny Burk (Episode 80)
  • Conditional Immortality:1Stackhouse calls his view “Terminal Punishment” in this volume. John G. Stackhouse Jr. (Episode 86)
  • Universalism: Robin A. Parry (Episode 87)
  • Protestant Purgatory: Jerry L. Walls (Episode 84)

The new Four Views is a steal at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. But if my interviews with its contributors leaves you hungry for more and you can’t spring the dough to buy a copy, you can enter our drawing to win a copy on Zondervan’s dime! To enter the drawing, follow these simple steps:

  1. On social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.) or in a blog article, post a link to the book’s page at Amazon ( or Zondervan (, or to one of my interviews with its authors
  2. In your post, briefly explain why you’re excited about the publication of Four Views on Hell 2.0
  3. Email with a link to your post or article for verification

And that’s it! After a few weeks we’ll choose at random a few lucky winners from among all the entries we receive, and notify the winners asking where we should ship the book. So put your social media or blog to work, and spread the word about Four Views on Hell!

Please note: this competition has now ended
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1 Stackhouse calls his view “Terminal Punishment” in this volume.