2014 & 2015 Rethinking Hell Conference Sessions (Audio & Video)

At last year’s conference at Fuller Theological Seminary, my friend Chris Date delivered a compellingly reasonable, passionate plea for evangelicals to maintain unity and charity when it comes to this important topic of hell. Chris’ opening talk helped set the tone for a gathering that, by all accounts, successfully demonstrated just what this should look like. Although he focused in on our view, conditional immortality, and the conference was only about hell, what Chris offered in his presentation has much broader application in the church. Christians of all stripes should set aside the time to consider his important message.

Chris will also be speaking at this year’s conference, which will be held in London next week. The first evening is free, so if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, be sure to reserve your seat! See the conference website for details. To celebrate this third conference, we have just published all the remaining video from our first two conferences. Most sessions were recorded in video, while for most of the remaining sessions we have audio. Please enjoy! Also, see the very bottom of this post for some bonus videos and an announcement.

2015 Rethinking Hell Conference (Video & Audio)

Greg Stump:
“Introduction to the Rethinking Hell project”
Paul Jensen:
“Opening Reflection and Prayer”
Chris Date:
“A Seat at the Table: An Appeal for Dialogue and Fellowship” | Audio
David Instone-Brewer:
“Jesus’ Rejection of Universal Jewish Salvation: The Rabbinic Background”| Audio
Robin Parry:
“Burning Love: The Theological Hermeneutics of Hell” | Audio
Jerry Walls:
“Optimal Grace and Eternal Hell” | Audio
James Spiegel:
“Summing up the Case for Conditional Immortalism” (audio)
Oliver Crisp:
“Christian Particularism” (audio)
Brad Jersak:
“The Hopeful Inclusivism of Von Balthasar and Kallistos Ware” | Audio
William Tanksley Jr & Chris Date:
“A Conditionalist Reading of the Book of Revelation” | Audio
Allison Quient:
“Justification and Life for All? A Response to Universalist Exegesis of Rom 5:12-21” | Audio
Laura Robinson:
“Hell Is For Christians? Eternal Judgment as a Unique Emphasis in Matthew” | Audio
Peter Hiett:
“How One Biblical Annihilationist Became a Biblical Universalist” | Audio
Daniel Sinclair:
“A Philosophical Case for Conditional Immortality (Slides and Audio)” | Audio
Jordan Wessling:
“The Unified Character of God & the Purpose of Hell”
John Kronen & Eric Reitan:
“A Philosophical Case for Preferring Universalism to Annihilationism” | Audio
Lindsay Brooks:
“Hermeneutical Considerations in the Discussion of Eternal Punishment in Revelation and Beyond” (audio)
Samuel Garcia:
“Supporting the Claim that Conditionalism is Philosophically Unmotivated” (audio)
Steven Nemeș:
“Christian Apokatastasis contra Crisp & Walls” (audio)
Gavin Ortlund:
“In Defense of Hell: Some Explorative Reflections” (audio)
George W. Sarris:
“Is God Creation’s Biggest Loser?” (audio)
Jason Schroeder:
“Toward a Charitable Epidemic of Amendments: Viral Change and the Hope for Diversity on the Nature of Hell” (audio)
Oliver Crisp, Chris Date, David Instone-Brewer, Robin Parry, James Spiegel, Jerry Walls:
“Panel Discussion” (audio)

2014 Rethinking Hell Conference (Video)

John Stackhouse:
“The Legacy of Edward Fudge”
Glenn Peoples:
“The Future of Conditionalism”
Chris Date & Edward Fudge:
“Interview with Edward Fudge”
Ralph Bowles:
“Conditional Immortality in the Practice of Evangelism”
Rob McRay:
“How Edward Fudge Changed What I Preach About Hell”
Jim Wood:
“Taking Conditionalism To The People”
Sam Griffith:
“Men Have Forgotten God”
Tim Jennings:
“How Your View of Hell Impacts Your Brain”
Roger Harper:
“Hades In Revelation”
David Cramer:
“How to Talk About the Afterlife”
Shawn Bawulski:
“The Annihilationist’s Theological Problem”
Douglas Jacoby:
“Obstacles to Accepting Conditionalism”
2014 Conference Panel Discussion
“2014 Conference Panel Discussion” Part 1 | “2014 Conference Panel Discussion” Part 2

“Rethinking Hell presents: A Conversation with Edward Fudge”

An intimate conversation between respected author and theologian Edward Fudge (author of “The Fire that Consumes”) and the two co-editors of a new collection of essays in his honor, Chris Date of Rethinking Hell, and Ron Highfield of Pepperdine University. This conversation includes the official presentation to Edward of “A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward W. Fudge.” See www.rethinkinghellbooks.com for details.

“How Conditional Immortality Succeeds”

A presentation given by Peter Grice of Rethinking Hell at the 2016 conference of the Conditional Immortality Association of New Zealand (CIANZ). Click here for more of their videos.

2017 Rethinking Hell Conference

Finally, although we don’t yet have fixed dates, we can announce that next year’s conference will be held in Auckland! If you don’t live in New Zealand but have been thinking of visiting, this will be the perfect occasion. Hope to see you there!


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