Episode 101: "Hell Under Fire" Under Fire, Part 1: The History of Hell


Part 1 of our series of episodes reviewing Hell Under Fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment, edited by Christopher Morgan and Robert Peterson. This first episode in the series reviews the book’s introduction, as well as the first chapter, “Modern Theology: The Disappearance of Hell,” by Al Mohler. Continue reading “Episode 101: "Hell Under Fire" Under Fire, Part 1: The History of Hell”

Daniel 12:2 Does Not Teach Eternal Torment

Daniel 12:2 and “Eternal Contempt”1Adapted From The Bible Teaches Annihilationism by Joseph Dear, Section XX.

Few passages from the Old Testament are cited as evidence that hell is a place of eternal torment. Given the Old Testament’s emphasis on death and destruction, this shouldn’t surprise us. If I believed that the unsaved live forever in torment, I wouldn’t run to passages about the wicked withering and dying like grass,2Psalm 37:2. or that call for them to melt away like slugs,3Psalm 58:8. or that describe them being burned to ashes and left without root or branch at the final judgment (like Malachi 4:1-3 does) either. But one passage stands out as an exception. One passage is a commonly cited as proof of eternal torment. That passage is Daniel 12:2:

Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt (NASB).

Basically, this passage speaks of the resurrection of both the saved and the unsaved. But aside from the fact that this does not speak of inherent immortality, it doesn’t say anything about eternal conscious existence for the damned, period.
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1 Adapted From The Bible Teaches Annihilationism by Joseph Dear, Section XX.
2 Psalm 37:2.
3 Psalm 58:8.

Episode 100: Celebrating One Hundred Episodes!

Several members of the Rethinking Hell team gather to celebrate one hundred episodes of the Rethinking Hell podcast! Peter Berthelsen, Darren Clark, Mark Corbett, Chris Date, Joey Dear, Peter Grice, Glenn Peoples, Nick Quient, Christopher Ray, Daniel Sinclair, and William Tanksley chat about the systematic implications of conditional immortality, the recent conference in Auckland, upcoming conference and ministry plans, and more! Also featuring words of appreciation and questions from you, the listening audience!