Upcoming Event: Rethinking Hell Conference 2018 in Dallas–Fort Worth (March 9–10)!

After moving from Houston (2014) to Pasadena (2015), to London (2016) and then to Auckland (2017), the fifth international Rethinking Hell conference will return to Texas in 2018—this time to Dallas-Fort Worth. We’d love for you to join us on Friday and Saturday, March 9–10, at The Heights Baptist Church in Richardson, Texas. Our plenary speakers include bestselling author on Hell Preston Sprinkle, author and academic Craig Evans, author and theologian Gregg Allison and Rethinking Hell’s own Chris Date.

The theme of the conference is “Crushed for Our Iniquities: Hell and the Atoning Work of Christ.” This will be an occasion for Christians to consider and discuss the nature and purpose of hell in light of the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Join us as we reason together from the Scriptures and sharpen one another as iron sharpens iron, testing conventional and controversial views of hell in the light cast by the light of the world!

You can also order a special catered lunch for Saturday, during which you will enjoy listening to Preston Sprinkle and Chris Date as they record a live joint episode of the Theology in the Raw and Rethinking Hell podcasts, discussing the conference topic and presentations, and answering your questions.

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Download the conference flyer (PDF) to print or share online

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The Beer & Bible ConsortiumAfter the conference: Are you local to the Dallas–Fort Worth area, or if you’re coming in from out of town can you stick around an extra evening? On Sunday evening, March 11, a day after the conference, Chris Date will be speaking at a Bible & Beer Consortium event in Fort Worth.

Download the event flyer (PDF) to print or share online

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