Episode 115: “The Precious Blood of Christ”: A Response to James White

Rethinking Hell contributor Chris Date responds to comments recently made by James White on the Dividing Line, in which White rightly explains that biblical language of Christ shedding his precious blood means he died as a substitute in place of those for whom his sacrifice was made. Chris asks, if the blood of Christ points metonymically to his substitutionary death, doesn’t that mean the punishment awaiting the unsaved is likewise death?


Chris’s journal article, “The Righteous for the Unrighteous: Conditional Immortality and the Substitutionary Death of Jesus”
The episode of James White’s Dividing Line discussed in this episode
Video in which John MacArthur is asked about Jesus’ blood
Video in which R. C. Sproul explains Jesus’ blood as shorthand for his death
The Bible Project video in which Tim Mackie explains the significance of Jesus’ blood
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