RH LIVE! Episode 32: What the Bible Really Says About Dual Resurrection

In this episode of Rethinking Hell Live, Chris Date discusses what the Bible really says about dual resurrection, the truth that one day both saved and lost will be raised bodily from the dead. Chris looks at two seemingly contradictory sets of biblical texts: those which explicitly affirm dual resurrection, and those that explicitly or implicitly deny the wicked will be raised. Then, Chris argues that harmonizing or reconciling these texts requires belief in conditional immortality, according to which the unsaved will be raised mortal and literally die a second time, never to live again.

– Peter Grice’s article, “The Neglected Doctrines of Resurrection and Bodily Transformation”: http://rethinkinghell.com/2017/12/12/the-neglected-doctrines-of-resurrection-and-bodily-transformation/