Episode 155: Keep CARM and Carry On: Responding to Matt Slick and CARM.org (Part 6)–The Straw Men of “Soul Sleep” and Intermediate State

Rethinking Hell contributors Peter Grice and Chris Date join Darren Clark to continue a series of podcast episodes responding to Matt Slick of CARM.org. In this sixth episode of the series, Darren, Peter, and Chris continue discussing how Slick insists upon conflating physicalism and “soul sleep” with conditional immortality and annihilationism to erect a straw man easily burned down, as they began to do in the previous episode.

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RH LIVE! Episode 67: Does Conditionalism Lead to Christological Heresy?

In this episode of Rethinking Hell Live, Mark Corbett joins Chris to discuss the accusations, of those we debated a few months ago in South Carolina, that conditional immortality and annihilationism lead logically to christological heresy.

—–Helpful Links—–

Debate video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35oyH16uFF8&t=0s
Poore and Sherlin post-debate review:
Mark’s video on ‘apollymi’:
Mark’s blog post on heresy and slander:
Chris’s recent debate on Trinity Radio, denying that conditional immortality and annihilationism are heresies:

—–Outline with Clickable Timestamps——

00:00 1.0 Introduction
09:51 1.1 Quick review: what is Conditional Immortality?
23:57 1.2 What is physicalism?
28:29 1.3 The connection to our recent debate
35:10 1.4 How we feel about Brannon and Keith
37:10 2.0 Does physicalism actually lead to the alleged errors?
37:39 2.1 Does physicalism lead to a violation of the Chalcedonian Creed?
1:12:40 2.2 Does physicalism result in the Trinity becoming a Binity for three days?
1:23:59 3.0 Is conditionalism dependent on physicalism?
1:26:26 3.1 Are almost all conditionalists physicalists?
1:34:06 3.2 Does conditional immortality logically/theologically depend on physicalism?
2:00:09 3.3 Is conditional immortality built on arguments based on physicalism?
2:11:37 4.0 Conclusion so far: their argument doubly fails
2:12:24 5.0 Problems with treating this as a heresy level issue