Episode 157: The Bad Place, with J. Webb Mealy (Part 2)

Rethinking Hell contributors William Tanksley and Darren Clark interview J. Webb Mealy about his book, The Bad Place. In this part 2 of their discussion, they discuss the application of Mealy’s five principles for interpreting the Book of Revelation.


J. Webb Mealy’s book The Bad Place: Or, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hell, but Were Afraid to Ask, on Amazon
Mealy’s Amazon author’s page
Mealy’s presentation, “In Christ All Will Be Made Alive: Jesus Ransom Every Human Being from Death,” given at the sixth annual Rethinking Hell Conference
Mealy’s presentation, “Five Principles for Determining Literalness in the Book of Revelation,” given at the eighth annual Rethinking Hell Conference
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