Support Conditionalist Missionaries and Ministry Workers

Support Conditionalist Missionaries and Ministry Workers

Rethinking HellĀ assists missionaries, pastors and other ministry workers, who may be facing challenges due to their conditionalist beliefs.

With the generous help of Rethinking HellĀ supporters like you, Matt and Elin Prather are able to move to Finland with their three young children to continue their ministry.

Matt was a missionary in Israel and Jordan for nine years before graduating from Westminster Seminary California in 2015. Following graduation, he was called by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church to plant a church in southern California. During the course of his pastorate, and due in large part to the work of Rethinking Hell, he became convinced of Conditional Immortality. After disclosing his newfound conviction, he was placed under discipline and eventually deposed from office in 2019.

Elin is from Finland. Before marrying Matt in 2013, she was active in student and pro-life ministry there. She too became convinced of CI and faced many negative consequences. She is now an active advocate for the position and looks for opportunities between motherhood and work to defend it in online forums.

The Prather Family

For several years Matt and Elin have had a growing burden for the gospel to go out in Finland, a country severely lacking in sound Bible teaching. They believe the gospel is only further clarified by conditionalism, and they are eager to share it with their Finnish friends and neighbors. Their long term goal is to plant a church (or churches) where God’s word is taught and Christ is exalted.

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