RH LIVE! Episode 67: Does Conditionalism Lead to Christological Heresy?

In this episode of Rethinking Hell Live, Mark Corbett joins Chris to discuss the accusations, of those we debated a few months ago in South Carolina, that conditional immortality and annihilationism lead logically to christological heresy.

—–Helpful Links—–

Debate video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35oyH16uFF8&t=0s
Poore and Sherlin post-debate review:
Mark’s video on ‘apollymi’:
Mark’s blog post on heresy and slander:
Chris’s recent debate on Trinity Radio, denying that conditional immortality and annihilationism are heresies:

—–Outline with Clickable Timestamps——

00:00 1.0 Introduction
09:51 1.1 Quick review: what is Conditional Immortality?
23:57 1.2 What is physicalism?
28:29 1.3 The connection to our recent debate
35:10 1.4 How we feel about Brannon and Keith
37:10 2.0 Does physicalism actually lead to the alleged errors?
37:39 2.1 Does physicalism lead to a violation of the Chalcedonian Creed?
1:12:40 2.2 Does physicalism result in the Trinity becoming a Binity for three days?
1:23:59 3.0 Is conditionalism dependent on physicalism?
1:26:26 3.1 Are almost all conditionalists physicalists?
1:34:06 3.2 Does conditional immortality logically/theologically depend on physicalism?
2:00:09 3.3 Is conditional immortality built on arguments based on physicalism?
2:11:37 4.0 Conclusion so far: their argument doubly fails
2:12:24 5.0 Problems with treating this as a heresy level issue


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